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It's modern. It's modular. Introducing the MOD* Dispensing System

The promise of the new MOD* Dispensing System is simple: deliver a customized washroom experience to everyone, everywhere. Nurses caring for patients, employees in office buildings, factory workers on break and fans cheering for their team – all have exactly what they need, when they need it.

You design the system you need.

Innovative internal dispensing modules plug and play to give you the flexibility to build a dispenser customized to meet your requirements. So as your needs change, your dispensers change with them. Available in three stylish color choices, the MOD* Systems offers a modern design matched with modular flexibility.

1- NG-Series: Great for office buildings and high traffic facilities. Features patent-pending SMART CONTROL* dispensing technology with two delivery options: pre-cut and power assist.

2- E-Series: Electronic motion-activated dispensing with an unexposed sheet option that's ideal for healthcare facilities.

3- M-Series: Controlled manual delivery offers the hygiene of touchless dispensing without the batteries.


Why move to the MOD* System?
Flexibility to change modules as needs change - without changing out the entire dispenser
•The NG-Series "power assist" setting offers the longest battery life - 4 times longer than the enMotion® dispenser.
•The MOD* Dispenser System is quieter than enMotion® and Tork Intuition systems.
•ADA compliance for all MOD* Dispensers